About PetroApp

An electronic fleet fuel management system that helps you control and track vehicles fuel usage with a smart chip installed to every vehicle by which all the fuel transactions are automated.

In order to join PetroApp, you can sign up through this link. Or give us a call or send us a message on WhatsApp: 01222244141

Currently, PetroApp is only available for companies but will soon be open to individuals.

There are monthly and yearly packages each categorized according to the number of available vehicles. You can find more details about the packages here.

Features and Functionality

PetroApp offers several features including:

– Availability in stations all over Egypt.
– Cashless fuel payments.
– Tracking fuel expenses and mileage automatically.
– Immediate monitoring for over-consumption.
– Certified electronic invoices.
-Detailed consumption reporting.
– System could be integrated with any ERP system.


Yes. PetroApp is an electronic system and one of its major features is to eliminate any cash usage by using NFC technology which is easily scanned and proceeds with automated payment.

Yes, you can add multiple new vehicles and track their fuel usage separately anytime within your subscription.

You can join PetroApp starting with one vehicle only.

PetroApp could be integrated with any ERP system.

PetroApp provides a specialized application tailored for drivers for easier usage. The driver can use the map feature within the app to locate all the nearest PetroApp gas stations and their available services.

You can check your account balance within the app by navigating to the “Wallet” section.

PetroApp prevents any possible fraud or manipulations that could take place in the gas stations, and you can control the budget allocated for fuel according to the budget set by the company.

Yes, PetroApp is an electronic system that replaces traditional methods and paperwork to prevent human errors and avoid tampering with bills.

Technical Support

Yes. PetroApp provides 24-hour customer and technical support.

If you face a problem with PetroApp, please contact us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible including screenshots if applicable.

Due to the high technology of PetroApp and the 24/7 available technical support, PetroApp alerts you immediately if there has been any over-consumption or suspicious activities detected.

Availability and Installation

PetroApp Egypt is available all over Egypt. While PetroApp SA is available all over KSA, and soon PetroApp will be available in other countries.

You can download PetroApp on Play Store for Android users, App Store for Apple users and App Gallery for Huawei users

Billing and Invoicing

Yes, PetroApp provides certified electronic invoices that exclude paperwork.

Obtaining a tax invoice that enables you to calculate the value-added tax with ease, while ensuring the validity of invoices that determine the correct value for consumption with the ability to review invoices at any time.

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