Overview of J&T Express

J&T Express is a global integrated logistics service operator.

It is present in 13 countries and started in Egypt in 2022.

For about a year, J&T Express expanded fuel management solutions at J&T, and the number of its branches reached more than 100 service outlets.

It owns a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles, so it can serve its customers and deliver their shipments faster. 

Its fleet’s Fuel management solutions at J&T exceeds million of pounds per month

which is considered a huge sum of money that is difficult to track through paper invoices

in addition to the possibility of manipulating fuel consumption without the company’s knowledge.

As a result, the organization decided on an appropriate solution

which is joining PetroApp.  Even though there are multiple solutions in the Egyptian market

such as gasoline and diesel cards and companies that provide alternative solutions for car fuel management, PetroApp, with its extensive experience in the field of vehicle fleet fuel management for companies

has begun to provide customized services and solutions. For various fields and has exclusive features for its customers, the most important of which are:

It improves the tracking of gasoline use and aids

in the control and monitoring of each automobile’s consumption capacity

with the option of allocating the fuel budget for each vehicle and setting usage limitations on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Challenges in gasoline fuel management

  • Before using PetroApp, J&T Express’ monthly fuel usage budget exceeded 2 million pounds, which made it hard to handle.
  • Some of these challenges include the following:
  • Control and understanding of fuel consumption: Controlling the company’s fuel budget, which amounts to millions of Egyptian pounds each month, was one of the most difficult challenges. As a result, it was wasting gasoline and spending a lot of money.
  • The lack of electronic invoices: J&T Express’s traditional paper invoices were one of the most difficult challenges it faced because they require a significant amount of effort in addition to the time lost, and a large number of transactions with numbers and accounts can cause an increase in payment delays and are easily affected by mistakes by employees. The government has also gone electronic.
  • Fuel management solutions at J&T: As the number of vehicles in the company’s fleet increased, fuel tampering activities began to increase, which further complicated the situation and led to an increase in fuel budget costs.
  • Extracting reports: One of the important steps in documenting and knowing fuel consumption is extracting reports. It was difficult to implement paper reports accurately because it required a larger number of employees, caused more pressure and problems in the organization, and did not delay the receipt of reports.

Solutions to control fuel budgets

PetroApp provided ideal solutions with an integrated system to overcome these challenges 

J&T Express used the PetroApp system to manage corporate fleet fuel.

This system contributed to tracking fuel consumption and controlling the budget for each car without the need for effort or monitoring each car individually from the station itself.

The company now controls the fuel capacity of each car, whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In addition, PetroApp has made J&T Express deal with the electronic invoice system that has been officially approved in all state systems and government institutions.

The effort of the employees has become less, and the results and reports have become more accurate and easily extracted.

All thanks to the PetroApp company’s system for controlling, monitoring, and monitoring fuel consumption. 

J&T Express explained the extent of its satisfaction with the features of the PetroApp technical system, its ease of use, and the noticeable results in saving the company’s fuel consumption budget.

Results after using PetroApp

The company was able to save 20% on gasoline and fuel capacity after using the PetroApp system! 

It was able to save millions of pounds in total monthly gasoline costs.

 J&T Express Company employees benefit from increased efficiency and reduced effort.


In conclusion, J&T Express faced many challenges in managing its fleet,

 Starting from controlling the fuel budget and following up on consumption immediately, 

All the way to facilitate the process of extracting paper reports and replacing them with electronic invoices that are extracted faster and without much effort,

 As all of these features led to a cost savings of 20%. 

PetroApp offers ideal solutions for managing corporate fleets and controlling fuel budgets effectively and efficiently.

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