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Cairo Airport Travel is a leading tourism transportation company that has been operating since 2003. With a fleet of over 100 vehicles, the company provides transportation services from the airport to their desired location and vice versa. In addition, they offer transportation services from any point to another all over Egypt. However, the company faced challenges in managing its fleet, particularly in tracking fuel consumption and costs, as well as dealing with fuel theft and fraud activities. Additionally, the paper-based system for invoicing was a huge hassle.

In order to overcome these challenges, the company started using PetroApp, a smart electronic fleet fuel management system that enables companies to save and control the vehicles’ fuel budget by connecting a smart chip, which uses NFC technology, to each vehicle to automate all transactions and monitor consumption precisely.

Challenges Faced by Cairo Airport Travel

Before implementing and using PetroApp, unfortunately, Cairo Airport Travel faced several challenges in managing its fleet that affected the company’s overall fuel budget and productivity. 

These challenges include:
      • Lack of Electronic Invoicing: Cairo Airport Travel had trouble dealing with paper invoices, which caused significant delays in their invoicing process. The traditional paper-based invoicing system was time-consuming and prone to human error, leading to delayed payments and a lack of transparency in the invoicing process. In addition, with the government’s tendency to adopt the electronic billing system, it was difficult to approve all paper invoices from the government and to include all fueling transactions of the company’s fleet.
      • Tracking Fuel Consumption: One of the most significant challenges was tracking fuel consumption and costs. The company consumed over 110000 fuel liters monthly and around 11000000 liters yearly, making it difficult to keep track of fuel usage and related costs which led to fuel over-consumption.
      • Fuel fraud: Fuel fraud activities were prevalent, which further complicated the situation and led to an increase in fuel budget.
      • Paperwork Hassle: The paper-based system for reports and invoicing was causing delays and was a significant hassle to deal with causing excessive pressure on the employees resulting in decreased productivity and lack of organization.

Solutions Offered by PetroApp

To overcome these challenges, Cairo Airport Travel turned to PetroApp‘s fleet fuel management system. The system allowed the company to monitor fuel consumption accurately and detect and avoid any fraud or overconsumption. Additionally, PetroApp provided electronic invoicing and eliminated the need for cash payments, making the process more efficient and secure, and it facilitated the approval of invoices from the government and included all fueling transactions of Cairo Airport Travel fleet. Moreover, the system eliminated the usage of any paperwork which saved time and effort increasing productivity. PetroApp’s fuel management service provided real-time fuel data, which enabled the company to make informed decisions about fuel usage and reduce fuel costs.


After implementing PetroApp’s fleet fuel management service, Cairo Airport Travel was able to reduce its fuel costs significantly. The company was able to save 15% of its total fuel budget, even after including the PetroApp service costs. Overall, PetroApp’s fuel management service helped Cairo Airport Travel streamline its operations and reduce costs, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.


In conclusion, Cairo Airport Travel faced significant challenges in managing its fleet, particularly in tracking fuel consumption and costs and dealing with fuel theft and fraud activities. However, by using PetroApp’s fleet fuel management service, the company was able to overcome these challenges and achieve significant cost savings by 15%. The service provided accurate fuel data and electronic invoicing, which streamlined operations and eliminated the need for cash payments and paper-based invoicing. PetroApp’s fuel management service proved to be an excellent solution for companies looking to optimize their fleet operations and reduce costs.

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