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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use 

What is the purpose of this policy and these terms?
It is necessary that you are acknowledged and familiar with the clauses of this policy and terms; to be fully aware of your rights and duties towards this application when using it. Reading these clauses and accepting registration in the application is considered accepting and approving the terms and provisions contained within the policy.


Information Collection and Use:

– For a better experience, while using our services, we may require you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information. The information that we request will be retained on your device and is not collected by us in any way.

– No one has the right to exploit the brand of PetroApp without informing us and getting written permission from PetroApp.

– The application uses third-party services that may collect information used to identify you.

Privacy policy of third-party service providers used by the app:

  • Google Play Services

  • Android ID


What are the application’s rights?

– This application is a special intellectual work that was prepared through us so it is designed especially for us, and no one, neither public nor private aspects, has the right to copy it or download its own software, or modify it without written permission from the application’s owner. So, those who violate this, we have the right to bring them to trial through different judicial means.

– We have the right to accept the registration of both members and users or cancel any user’s registration without revealing the reason in the case of infringing the accepted terms or trying to penetrate the intellectual property of the application.

– When you contact us and accept the registration on the application’s website, we consider that as approval from you on the application’s terms and its due obligations.

– We will collect some data and information to benefit us in providing the service, which will not violate your privacy if you registered in the application. We will not go further with the purpose of collecting these data in any case.


The provided services to users:

PetroApp is an electronic application that works on different smartphones and computers, and provides registered users with the following services:

– Provide owners and drivers of vehicles and equipment that depend on petroleum in their work, the chance to locate the fuel stations through the application, and the ability to pay through it.

– Enable the fuel stations to expand their activities and get more clients through the application.



– No one has the right to exploit the brand of PetroApp without informing us and getting our written permission.

– The non-accredited and non-registered fuel stations in PetroApp don’t have the right to put our logo on their facilities, equipment, buildings, invoices, and neither on their websites nor their pages on social media.

– It’s unpermitted to copy our provided services, resell, imitate, advertise, or publish them without our approval.

– It’s unpermitted to create similar programs or applications based on the main idea of PertoApp whatever their shapes or names.

– It’s unpermitted to hinder the registered users to benefit from the provided services or abstain from providing them whatever the reasons are or under any title.

– It’s strictly prohibited to try hacking the accounts of individuals or stations that use PetroApp. Those who commit this act will expose themselves to legal liability and we have the right to bring them to trial with all legal ways and means.

– The employers who are responsible for registering the clients’ data and the registered stations in the application are unpermitted to disclose all or parts of the clients’ data to any aspect under any circumstance or title, and those who commit this act will be terminated from work and prosecuted directly.


What is the guarantee for the confidentiality of the users’ information?

All data and information collected from users or clients, whether the application users or gas station owners, like mobile and landline phone numbers as well as email addresses, are protected by us and we will not publish, disclose or give them to any third party under any circumstance. In case of publishing these data, the user will be responsible for that and we don’t have any responsibility toward this matter. Thus, we advise you to log out from the application once you finish using it and close the browser if you log in to the application vis the computer to prevent your information from being exposed to disclosure or publishing.

Using the application:
The entity or individuals that use the application must meet some necessary conditions


Regarding companies and fuel stations:

– The company and gas stations must be licensed, legal, non-violating, and don’t have a legal dispute or be subject to detention during the contracting period.

– Only one person from the company will be responsible for dealing with the owner aspect of the application.

– The company provides written consent to the terms and conditions set by the application to deal with users and to ensure providing suitable service according to the signed contract between both the company and the application.

– The application defines a serial number, name, and password for the station in which the station will be responsible for its confidentiality and its use. Also, it can change the password according to what ensures complete confidentiality of its data and deals with the application.


How the clients’ data are used?

– These data, which are mentioned before, are used to log customers into the application and benefit from its services.

– We are neither data collectors nor advertisers; so we can assure our clients that their data is safe and we will not rent it, hack it, or steal your uploaded data on your personal computers or mobile phones.

– We are permitted to present these data to the official investigation authorities in case of legal disputes between us and the client, and in order to protect the intellectual property of the application’s program. We can also present it in the event that it is requested by sovereign authorities and by the applicable legal methods, in case this happens, we will inform you via SMS, e-mail, or a direct call.

What is the limit of the application’s responsibility?

– The responsibility of the application is limited to providing gas station services and the application owners are not responsible for any published material on the Internet with the application’s name or logo. Also, they are not responsible for the misuse by some users like user-generated content (individuals or companies) nor the extent of its accuracy and credibility, including the content created by the users whether companies or individuals for offers or services. It should also be noted that the content doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the application’s owners.

– We may cooperate with third parties with the aim of advertising or providing additional services, which means the possibility of displaying its content on the application’s pages. This does not mean we are responsible for any deals or transactions between the user and these parties. Also, the users must read the privacy policy of these websites and programs before dealing with them, registering, or providing them with information.

Note that PetroApp is an intermediary between the service provider (gas stations) and the end user of the PetroApp system (establishments), knowing that it does not sell fuel, does not own gas stations, and is not responsible for any attempt to misuse the system by both parties, such as if there is a problem with the quality of the service provided or the petroleum materials. However, PetroApp is ready to submit reports to the concerned authorities showing the filling data that took place, the timing, and the data of the service provider. It is also not responsible for any aggression or disagreement between one of the employees of the service provider and the customer, but it is ready to provide the data to the official authorities if requested to do so. Also, PetroApp is not responsible for the misuse of the system in information and data entry by the service provider, including the bill amount, noting that PetroApp has created a security system that prevents the entry of any incorrect data except with the approval of the end user of the system, by entering a secret code for the end user, and he can change it whenever he wishes Accordingly, he bears full responsibility, and PetroApp is ready to prove any attempt to defraud between the two parties and to submit the documents that it has to the official authorities if requested to do so.


The application’s intellectual property

As we mentioned before, this application is a special creative intellectual work that was created especially for “Reyadah and Aamal for Information Technology” which owns the trademark PetroApp, for the clear purpose of facilitating the distribution of petroleum products especially gas stations, and it is unpermitted to copy, transfer or modify it without getting the owner’s approval and who violates this will expose himself to legal liability.

You must be acknowledged that all intellectual and software programming rights are reserved to the “Reyadah and Aamal for Information Technology” company which owns the application. So, no party has the right to resell, copy or modify the software, and it is strictly prohibited to use the software with individual status away from the main purpose of the contract, and any other use of the software and the source code or a part of it, or using it in other projects, and we have the right to take the necessary legal and compensatory actions resulting from the damage that resulted from this violation.

What are the devices on which the application work?

The application is prepared to work on all smartphones, computers, personal computers, and tablets.


Who can be resorted to in the event of a dispute?

The courts of Egypt Arab Republic are specialized exclusively to rule on any dispute that occurs between the application’s owner and users whether individuals or companies.


Modifying the clauses of this policy

The application’s owner has the right to change or modify any clause of the policy without informing you and without an obligation to inform you; so you must read this policy periodically and we will inform you of every modification at its time.

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